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student spotlight: Luke

     Hi, my name is Luke, and I am a 3rd kyu brown belt. My favorite part about karate is kata, and Karate has taught me how to use my body, and put it into sports, and my everyday life.

       My favorite part of this year's karate summer camp was learning Kanku Sho. I especially like the second jump in the kata, even though it's hard it's still really fun to do. That kata is my second favorite kata to do because of how intricate and fun it is. My favorite part about the sports section of summer camp is playing baseball--especially playing catcher My second favorite part of the sports section of the summer camp is playing football games with my siblings, Sensei Loren, and friends.

My favorite memory from this summer camp was when we got to go to the beach and played a football game all together with my siblings, Sensei Loren, and my dad. Even though we were totally destroyed by my sister and dad,  it was still super fun.  And I got them back when we played again at the pizza party after our promotion exam, because my sister and I were on the winning team. We crushed 'em.

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