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Student Spotlight: Katelyn

I started karate this summer in June during the summer program because my mom made me, but over time I grew to really enjoy it and appreciate it.

Karate has taught me many things: discipline, how to move my body, and many more. Both Sensei Loren and Senpai Sam have helped so much with my learning process,

Sam taught me and my sister our very first kata: Taikyoku Shodan and helped us improve our technique, and Sensei Loren taught us our second kata, Heian Shodan as well as a whole lot of other things

My favorite part about karate is how it connects to so many other things; it helps you understand the different movements in sports in a lot more depth and helps you learn so much quicker.

My favorite part about  the sports we did this summer was either the time we spent playing football or baseball. I really enjoyed going down to the beach and play football with my dad, my mom, my siblings and Sensei Loren--especially when my mom, my brother, and I kicked My dad and Sensei's butts.

I'm better at throwing than catching, so I enjoy that the most. Being able to make a pass from a long way away feels powerful. When Spring comes, i'm interested in playing more baseball more because it is so interesting and fun. 

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