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Student Spotlight: Evelyn

My name is Evelyn and I am a yellow belt, 9th kyu.

I started Karate because it looked really fun and interesting. My little brother was already taking Karate classes with Sensei, loving it and learning very fast.

During the summer, I was getting bored and didn't have a lot to do, so I tried it out too. It turns out that karate classes are really fun and exciting. And Sensei says I'm an exceptional kicker

So far I have learned the katas Taikyoku Shodan and Heian Shodan. I know the Japanese names of all of the kicks, punches, and stances that I can do. I like how Karate engages and coordinates the mind and body and focuses you on your goal.

In sports class, we regularly play baseball, soccer, volleyball, and football, but my favorite part of sports is Volleyball. Volleyball is my favorite sport because it is really fun and enjoyable. It also comes more naturally to me and the rules are easy and simple.

We play volleyball in two ways, we either play with a net that we assemble or we stand in a circle passing a ball around. Passing around the ball randomly helps you focus more and helps you increase your aiming skills. Sports and Karate classes help you in lots of different ways, and most importantly, both are super fun.

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