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a summer to remember

The beginning of this summer held a lot of uncertainty. No indoor dojo. No sparring. No mitt holding or ground grappling or group huddles or any other number of things that kept us less than 6 feet apart. But one thing was never uncertain: there. would. be. karate.

Transitioning to outdoor, social distanced training wasn't always easy: especially when 100-degree heat had us all sweating like tightly squeezed sponges, or when the landscaper ran us off the lawn with his roaring riding mower, or when a whole colony of bees decided 'hey this karate thing looks like fun. Maybe we'll give it a try.'

But we persevered, and so did our students and we could not be prouder that, in the midst of a pandemic, in the most apocalyptic and divisive time this country has seen in decades, they were able to dedicate themselves to us and to their training and kick butt all Summer.

We did a lot: karate, of course, but also so many other things. We saw our students grow not only as karateka, but as overall athletes, as team players, and as friends.

We look forward to continuing our training this Fall, using all that we learned during the summer to improve our teaching techniques and ensure a safe and secure environment for all of our students as our country continues to endure this pandemic.

Sure, there were days when it was hard to focus (and those days usually resulted in a lot of pushups), but overall we came out stronger, smarter, more confident, and closer than ever (even though we were 6 feet apart).

And (dare I say it?) we even

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