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Traditional Shotokan Karate Training



At YAH, we study the traditional art of Shotokan karate.

We believe karate is beneficial to any and every aspect of life. Getting the most out of our training means adopting a karate mindset–one of dedication and perseverance–in all that we do: from self defense, to sports, to general life philosophy.

Our goal is to spread the benefits of karate to as many people as possible: people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all abilities. That’s why classes are available to anyone ages 5 and up.

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Our Sensei

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.30.51 PM.png

Sensei Loren Mendoza

3rd Dan (3rd Degree) Black Belt

Over 20 years Martial Arts experience as well as an avid biker, hiker, baseball player, and overall sports enthusiast

"It's Sensei's grit and her teaching style, a supportive yet strict discipline, that makes her a great teacher"

- Allen Moy, First Degree Blackbelt

"I like how Karate engages and coordinates the mind and body and focuses you on your goal."

Evelyn Fang, Yellow Belt



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